Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Why does everybody wanna be a gangster?

These "rappers" just can't let go of the whole gangster thing. For instance Jay-Z is worth somewhere in the hundred millions and he still talks about selling blow and being a gangster. We all know this man is dying to be in the corporate world as well. Why? This dude needs to pick a damn profession and stop sending these vulnerable consumers mixed messages. Drug Dealer or Business man? Pick one.....Cause you gettin old and this ish is gettin played. As for you Jim..... I don't know....Just wear looser jeans and bigger tees! Jim has been lookin way too cute of late. If dealin was such a great "profession" why didn't they just do it and become like Frank Lucas? It's a catch 22..... Don't get me wrong...I respect the grind and a brothas hustle.... But if its such a rewarding occupation, why are they rapping? Yo, Stop Roll Playin!!!!


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