Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why am I still single?

Umm..... Let's do the Doctor Evil.....Hmmm...That's a good question? Why are the single people single? I wonder if it's the unwillingness to compromise? You know the saying , ' i really like him but his clothes has to go'. Is not accecpting people for who they are so wrong??? Really, it is!

How do you feel when people want to change you, not for the better but just for their own puppetier instinct..

Let us all realize that the key to being single and happy is to acknowledge that people are people and they like who they are....or don't they???

Bau and Patch

Monday, October 29, 2007

If you thought that this type of behavior only went on in Jena……..

For those who care to read about issues that deal with race in America……. Here it is.

Remember the whole Jena 6 incident? The 6 young men that were criminally convicted for a school house brawl? And Mychel Bell being held in jail missing school for almost a year? Well this Bull-ish happens more than we think or expect. It seems to me like
Rev. Al Sharpton should be missing a lot more hair appointments for marches for justice like the one in Jena. Read these incidents and tell us what you think………

“In Tallahasee, Florida 14-year old Martin Lee Anderson died while in the custody at the Bay County Boot Camp last year. On October 12 an all white jury acquitted deputies and a nurse who participated in the videotaped violent abuse that resulted in his death...”

“...15- year old Shelwanda Riley was thrown around, punched and pepper sprayed by a Ft. Pierce, Florida police officer, a man roughly twice her size, as he tried to arrest her for a non-violent curfew violation...”

“...Isaiah Simmons, 17, died after struggling with five adult staff of the Bowling Brook Preparatory School, a privately run residential program under contract with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services. Witnesses said the staffers sat on the boy's limbs, chest and head. He was then restrained for three hours. The state medical examiner ruled his death a homicide...”

“...Videotape showed Donovan Jackson-Chavis, 16, being slammed to the ground, tossed into the air, bounced on the hood of a squad car and choked by police as they handcuffed him for supposedly not dropping a bag of potato chips at a convenience store in Inglewood, California.”

“On Friday afternoon, just hours after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that his sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, Genarlow Wilson was released from prison. In 2005, Genarlow Wilson, a 17-year-old star athlete and top student, was convicted of aggravated child molestation for having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old classmate. The
NAACP has been involved in the Wilson case since 2003, when the youth was initially charged with rape, working with both the Georgia legislature and the judicial system to free Genarlow.He had been incarcerated for almost three years of a ten-year sentence, even though only months after his conviction, a "Romeo and Juliet" law was passed that would have had a maximum allowable sentence of 12 months. Genarlow remained incarcerated until Friday in spite of June decision by a Monroe County Superior Court judge to void the original sentence on constitutional grounds and reduce it to one year. Cases like Genarlow Wilson, Marcus Dixon, and the Jena 6 highlight the rampant discrimination against African-American youth that exists in our criminal justice system. The NAACP is committed to doing whatever is necessary to see justice served in these cases and the hundreds of others, as well as working to reform the judicial system so that our youth are afforded the dignity, respect and equal treatment they deserve under the law.”

Friday, October 26, 2007

Now why they wanna go and do that?

Karrine Steffans…….. Or Super Head…………. Whichever you like. Because whether she likes to admit it or not she answers to both. The world is goin down the drain! In 2007 we have a modern day prostitute on the cover of a magazine “Today’s Black Woman”. Does she represent black young women? Is that how all black young women live? Do they all sleep with married men and sell their goods? I do believe in 2nd chances, but she just hasn’t tried anything different the second time around. Is she really the face of Today’s Black women around the world?????.... I hope Not! Here we go again…. Giving N!%$*&$ A bad name. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why would they want to make the world feel like she is what all black women are like in this day and age? The Editors of “Today’s Black Woman” really messed up this time. The magazine cover gets 4 trillion deuces down and it is definitely a dishonor.

Bau and Patch

Did They Tell You to Do That?

Really, they hardly ever let black women land the cover of Paris Vogue but here they go making headway… Letting a black man in drag, beat the real models to it...Tell me what you think?

Patch and Bau

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drug Lordette

Why not! A female drug lord? Yep..., you heard right, a female drug lord. Sandra Avila Beltran, 45, worked her way to becoming a female drug lord. In a male dominated field, Sandra was the one holding the balls. She is being charged with laundering billions of dollars. She is one of the world’s most powerful drug kings pins. What do you think about that??? Of course she was very seductive but most importantly she was smart...She never left any evidence behind any of her crimes until 2002, when a mothers love kicked in. Her son was kidnapped in Mexico for $5,000,000 so she contacted authorities for help. She got her son back but that helped launch an investigation. The police always suspected Sandra but not until then did she crack a window. Well, now she is awaiting trial… Women can’t last long in the ‘buzz’, the emotional stuff like, love and family get in the way. I wonder............ did she get really catty at those godfather meetings when her period was on???????

Patch and Bau

What do you think about the 'A'?

I saw some photos from the red carpet of the BET Awards 07. I don’t know if it’s me but it’s just something about the ‘A’, that I can’t get with…..Why???ATL brings the worst out of people....Even the ones that are not from there.... I don’t know, it might be the over flow of foolishness!! When I picture Atlanta, Georgia I see porches and Iced Tea but the pictures of the people look like New Yorker‘s thinking backwards!! You let me know what cities you love or hate. You have to say why, because people need to know why there city sucks or rocks! Two of the boys that were involved in the Jena 6 incident were there too......................

Patch and Bau


Are we Americans to absorb with other people’s lives? Where else in the world is a society driven by what 150 people do?? Did you realize that there are about 150 popular celebrities in America? What about the rest of us? Are we not special? I think that Britney is cool but I know that someone is going through the same thing in some trailer park in Kentucky; but no one will look her way. What makes these celebrities lives so attractive? It’s not because they have phenomenal beauty, I have family that looks just as good as Jennifer Aniston (maybe). I think it’s that we are too afraid to be ourselves so we watch what others do, while we should be doing us!’

That makes more sense right? We can tap into the inner star in us instead of worrying about Kim Kardashian's ass or if she is a hoe or not . Come on, how many hoes do you know? So why do we even care????? And truthfully we can’t even prove she’s a hoe but some of you reading this blog has some frequent flyer miles adding up on your ‘you know what’. So let’s see the good in others and shine the light on things we need to change. But really did you see Beyonce’s new hair color? I think it’s the new brown!!

Another one bites the dust....

This is really getting ridiculous. The Tip Harris incident is not sitting right with me. Tip Harris (T.I.) was arrested for wanting to purchase guns, that act would violate his parole. Well, this is too much of a coincidence for me. Ok, let’s begin with why was his newly hired bodyguard acting as an informant? Why would you record conversations with your boss if you were not trying to set him up? So then I ask the question, why would the police be sending in undercover police or civilians that want to work with the police to bother T.I.....I say bother because he was asking the bodyguard to buy the guns to protect him, what’s the harm in that? Yes I will be honest, a machine gun is a bit much but his bodyguard has the right to bear arms to protect T.I. I have a theory, follow me closely.

T.I. is making major moves in movies, music........., and even on a humanitarian level so the people became jealous. Those people are the police, they are mad that these rappers have millions of dollars and some of them are stuck with making $30,000-$40,000 a year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that his music is the most positive but that is not on trial. What I can say is Tip, you’re not living that ‘hood’ life anymore so you may have needed an AK-47 when you were doing the ‘dope boy’ thing but your lifestyle doesn’t match that anymore. You don’t see Bloomberg ordering a ‘Chopper’ do you? To all rappers, this American society we live in is backwards so please try to remember that when you turn the key to your million dollar house, you’re still a target. Money can only do so much, but you can’t erase your skin color…

Oh yeah, food for thought…Michael Bell is back in jail. I guess that’s why the DA let him out so fast…..Yeah right...

Patch and Bau

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a thought.........

What do you think about the models now a days? Do you feel like there is something wrong with the models they choose? I Do!!!!!!!!! They first of all have to be skinny as hell! Unhealthy and skinny!!!!!...... and the shit is ugly! Who finds beauty in under aged teens that deprive themselves of food and don't even make enough money to catch a cab from the west side NYC to uptown? I went to a fashion show in the city this past week and witnessed that a lot of these models are struggling................ So whats the point of them putting their health at risk and not getting a damn thing out of it. I understand the GRIND!!!! But lets be real.... Not even a quarter of these girls are gonna get to the top. Is the modeling industry giving these girls a false sense of hope? On many of these modeling agencies the girls are seriously underweight, and they know only about 5 out of 200-300 will make it big! So why do they do that knowing that these young ladies are putting their health at risk? That is Bull s%$#!!!!!!!!! What you don't know is that these girls give so much and get very little( in jobs and money). Nothing is promised in the modeling industry and their young years fly by so fast. The chosen few make it SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the rest of the girls find something else to do. So why don't they live for the future and not compromise their health or anything else for a situation that they want to be a part of today. The lifespan of a model is not long at all!..... Those health effects will be there for a long time and sometimes till the day they die equaling the cause of your death. Ladies....... Stay slim, but most importantly STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not that damn serious!!! Learn Me................... I will give you the real!

Oh Yeah....... One question........... Why are the majority of the black models always darker and really "exotic" looking? They are uniquely beautiful...., but there are all shades of black, so why do they always go for the Alek Wek look? Why not more Tyra's or Naomi's??????????????? Underlining meaning? Learn Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give it to you!

Ghost Writer

Monday, October 1, 2007

REAL ID Act or “Mark of the Beast”?

How would you feel if every move you made could be traced? Would you think that was an invasion of privacy? How would you feel if everything you have ever worked towards was held at the mercy of the government? Well its going down……… And President George W. Bush is the man that is expected to sign off on an $82 billion military spending bill that will make this all possible for you grateful Americans. Yes, the one and only George Bush whose name equals 666 in Hebrew letters. Make you think????? Watch this you tube video and tell FallDeuces what you think. You be the judge……..! Hey.., haven’t the Christians been preaching about this all along???????????