Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another one bites the dust....

This is really getting ridiculous. The Tip Harris incident is not sitting right with me. Tip Harris (T.I.) was arrested for wanting to purchase guns, that act would violate his parole. Well, this is too much of a coincidence for me. Ok, let’s begin with why was his newly hired bodyguard acting as an informant? Why would you record conversations with your boss if you were not trying to set him up? So then I ask the question, why would the police be sending in undercover police or civilians that want to work with the police to bother T.I.....I say bother because he was asking the bodyguard to buy the guns to protect him, what’s the harm in that? Yes I will be honest, a machine gun is a bit much but his bodyguard has the right to bear arms to protect T.I. I have a theory, follow me closely.

T.I. is making major moves in movies, music........., and even on a humanitarian level so the people became jealous. Those people are the police, they are mad that these rappers have millions of dollars and some of them are stuck with making $30,000-$40,000 a year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that his music is the most positive but that is not on trial. What I can say is Tip, you’re not living that ‘hood’ life anymore so you may have needed an AK-47 when you were doing the ‘dope boy’ thing but your lifestyle doesn’t match that anymore. You don’t see Bloomberg ordering a ‘Chopper’ do you? To all rappers, this American society we live in is backwards so please try to remember that when you turn the key to your million dollar house, you’re still a target. Money can only do so much, but you can’t erase your skin color…

Oh yeah, food for thought…Michael Bell is back in jail. I guess that’s why the DA let him out so fast…..Yeah right...

Patch and Bau

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