Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a thought.........

What do you think about the models now a days? Do you feel like there is something wrong with the models they choose? I Do!!!!!!!!! They first of all have to be skinny as hell! Unhealthy and skinny!!!!!...... and the shit is ugly! Who finds beauty in under aged teens that deprive themselves of food and don't even make enough money to catch a cab from the west side NYC to uptown? I went to a fashion show in the city this past week and witnessed that a lot of these models are struggling................ So whats the point of them putting their health at risk and not getting a damn thing out of it. I understand the GRIND!!!! But lets be real.... Not even a quarter of these girls are gonna get to the top. Is the modeling industry giving these girls a false sense of hope? On many of these modeling agencies the girls are seriously underweight, and they know only about 5 out of 200-300 will make it big! So why do they do that knowing that these young ladies are putting their health at risk? That is Bull s%$#!!!!!!!!! What you don't know is that these girls give so much and get very little( in jobs and money). Nothing is promised in the modeling industry and their young years fly by so fast. The chosen few make it SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the rest of the girls find something else to do. So why don't they live for the future and not compromise their health or anything else for a situation that they want to be a part of today. The lifespan of a model is not long at all!..... Those health effects will be there for a long time and sometimes till the day they die equaling the cause of your death. Ladies....... Stay slim, but most importantly STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not that damn serious!!! Learn Me................... I will give you the real!

Oh Yeah....... One question........... Why are the majority of the black models always darker and really "exotic" looking? They are uniquely beautiful...., but there are all shades of black, so why do they always go for the Alek Wek look? Why not more Tyra's or Naomi's??????????????? Underlining meaning? Learn Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will give it to you!

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