Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I saw a title on a blog that was so disgusting..We at FALLDEUCES are not fake by far. We have love for everyone but really, whats wrong is wrong. Bossip recently posted a blog on their site about Maya Angelou, the title was 'Ho Sit Down'. Really Bossip took it to far! So when the next white person says lynch a black man as a joke or 'nappy headed hoes'. Please don't take these peoples jobs away, let them live because if black people do it to each other why can't they jump in...

You know what they say, it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none!

Patch and Bau

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stepha Henry's blood found in Man's car

Do you remember the young lady that was reported missing in Miami Memorial Day Weekend 2007(Stepha Henry)? She has been linked to a young man named Kendrick Williams that was driving a black Acura Integra that picked her up earlier on the evening of her disappearance. They went to a nightclub called "peppers" in Sunrise, Florida and he claimed that he was ready to go and that she stayed behind. But DNA says differently. There was a massive amount of blood found in that black sedan. After finding Kendrick Williams sleeping in his car at the Canarsie pier he was arrested. He was allegedly living in his Nissan Maxima when found. He was charged with 2ND degree murder, and the body has not been found as yet. Lets continue to keep the family in our prayers, and watch who you get into cars with!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Jose Conseco Snitched and Now This!!!!

For real....Who would ever think your favorite artist would be named in a steroid report....

Read On..

A number of entertainers were named in connection with an Albany-based steroid investigation, but are not part of an ongoing criminal probe, according to a published report.

The Times Union of Albany cited unnamed sources in a Sunday report that R&B music star Mary J. Blige, rap musicians 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean, and award-winning author and producer Tyler Perry may have received or used performance-enhancing drugs.

Albany District Attorney P. David Soares launched an investigation into steroid trafficking last year. Law enforcement officials have said evidence does not indicate that the celebrities broke the law. Officials are focusing on the doctors, pharmacists and clinics that provide the drugs.

Ken Sunshine, a spokesman for Tyler Perry, declined comment. Calls to representatives for the musicians were not immediately returned Sunday.

Soares has declined to comment on or confirm the identities of the stars mentioned in the report. His multistate investigation has focused on Signature Pharmacy of Orlando, Fla. So far, 10 defendants have pleaded guilty, and some professional athletes have been linked to the probe in news reports.(

Ok,ok....I can see why they would assume Fiddy or even the less chubby and more muscle Timberland, but Mary J and Madea!! Say it ain't so...NO!! NOT MADEA!!!

Patch and Bau

Real ID Act 2 (No jokes... On a serious note)

Like we told you before they are trying to pass the law for the Read ID Act. Watch this youtube and tell us what you feel! No Real ID! Could this be what Revelation 3:17 is talking about? Is prophecy that we have been hearing about along finally unfolding? Lets put the blogs about who did what and what celeb is doing what to rest for a minute and read this.................. It is more Important than you may think. Bush has passed the law for the Real ID Act back in My 2005 and it is to take place 3 years later (May 2008).I know you have heard of the 666 and all of the other stories, but do your own homework. This is it. It is not too soon. Do your Homework and use the good old book (the Bible) as your reference. Don't be fooled they make the mark sound so good! Check it out. I dont want any government controlling my move! Say no to the real ID act!

This is a blog that FallDeuces Posted on Oct 1,2007.

How would you feel if every move you made could be traced? Would you think that was an invasion of privacy? How would you feel if everything you have ever worked towards was held at the mercy of the government? Well its going down……… And President George W. Bush is the man that is expected to sign off on an $82 billion military spending bill that will make this all possible for you grateful Americans. Yes, the one and only George Bush whose name equals 666 in Hebrew letters. Make you think????? Watch this you tube video and tell FallDeuces what you think. You be the judge……..! Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sellanything! You will be No one! And on the contrary with this mark you will NOT be able to enter the gates of Heaven according to the Bible. Hey.., haven’t the Christians been preaching about this all along??????????? Do your homework!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

They Wanna hang Tiger by the Tail!!

Kelly Tilghman said that Tiger Woods should be lynched in a back alley!!! What the hell was she thinking!!!

Read on..

Tilghman made a shocking comment during Friday's telecast of the PGA Tour's opening event. She said -- on the air -- that today's young players should "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley."

What was Tilghman thinking? Who knows. It's not entirely clear what point Tilghman was trying to make with what she apparently thought was a joke, but she may have been trying to say that the only chance today's young players will ever have of overtaking Woods as the No. 1 golfer in the world is to hurt him.(

For real this is getting out of hand...What is so funny about that?

You know what here is a thought... It's so many Jews in Hollywood we should start giving them numbers again.....Not funny right??? Well, what is the difference?

There is no diffrence!

Really how do we expect to ever have a black president when there are people like this still trying to find a cool way to be racist!

And if you can't beat Tiger don't lynch him!

Patch and Bau

Monday, January 7, 2008

Man accused of eating his girlfriend

In this photo provided by the Smith County Sheriff's Department in Tyler, Texas on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2008, is shown Christopher Lee McCuin, 25. McCuin is in the Smith County Jail on a $2 million bond, held on a capital murder charge in the death of his 21-year-old girlfriend, whom he allegedly tried to cook and eat her body before police arrived, authorities said Sunday. (Smith County Sheriff's Department via Tyler Morning Telegraph/AP Photo)(ABC News)

This sick man found out his girlfriend was cheating, stabbed her lover (her boo) and then killed and cooked her. Filleted her skin and boiled her ear. What type of sick man is this?

I understand that he must have been hurt, But who doesn't have a lover? I have a lover.!...!.... But that doesn't make it right to eat people.

SSSHHH Dont tell nobody..........

Sunday, January 6, 2008

J and B sitting in a Tree M-A-R-R-I-E-D!?!

Look, here is the spin on this story...I really don't care if J and B got married...What I am saying is, what is the use of marriage if you can't share it with people. I know they are celeb's and all but DAMN! That is just not human..And really, if I was invited to a wedding that involved me signing a privacy disclosure I wouldn't go.. Is it a wedding or a grand jury indictment!! If they want to get married have a wedding, have a tight guest list, have security....But just don't let people take away those beautiful moments....The paparazzi wants you to hide and sneak..It gives them something to do.. I say have a big huge wedding in the middle of some park!! Love is stronger than anything so if it's meant to be, the paparazzi can't do anything about it...

Patch and Bau

Friday, January 4, 2008

Did Obama really win Iowa or...........

Look..... A woman for president or a black man? Well, Honestly they are both at the bottom of the list when it comes to a position that is very compettive and traditional in America. Lets be honest..... Who will they LET in? Here is a thought that sparked a theroy......... Obama supposedly won Iowa over a white woman but doesnt stand a chance against Huckabee. Why do I say that???? Let me Explain. They will allow him to rise above Hillary but does he stand a chance against a White Rebublican man, which is traditional for America? I would love to see America surpass the ignorrance of the American traditions and Elect a man or woman of any race as long as they qualify To be the President of The United States of America. But the question is, Will it happen? Is America ready to accept a Woman for President or a Black Man for the role of the President of the United States Of America?

If a woman wins president will there be tampons hung from tree branches?
If a black man wins will there be nooses allover Capital Hill?

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Magic Johnson is backing Hilary Clinton in the race for the presidency....What's so wrong with that!! Bossip has the word 'Sellout' on a picture of Magic.. Look, let's not be so biased.. Just because he's black why does he have to go for a black man. Is Obama fit for the job should be every ones concern! Majic has the right to choose...And by the way, don't make it seem like he is so wrong... If he feels like Hilary is the man for the job then what's so wrong with that? We cant vote for someone just because of the color of their skin! This is PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.. Not a Popularity contest. America needs a good leader, and I don't give a damn what race he or she is! This nation is in shambles and we need someone to redeem America!

Read on..

Johnson, appearing with the Clintons Tuesday in Iowa, said he doesn't trust rookies to win a basketball game, much less lead the nation.

"You don't want somebody in there that is young or a rookie at politics," Johnson said Tuesday at a raucous rally in support of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. "We want somebody in there that knows what they're doing because this job is so huge."

Implicit in Johnson's comments was the suggestion that Hillary Clinton had more experience than her rivals Barack Obama, who has served in the U.S. Senate since January 2005, and John Edwards, who spent one term as a senator.(

And to those black people who feel 'black people should support black people' I didn't see yall when FUBU was going out of business!

Patch and Bau