Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stepha Henry's blood found in Man's car

Do you remember the young lady that was reported missing in Miami Memorial Day Weekend 2007(Stepha Henry)? She has been linked to a young man named Kendrick Williams that was driving a black Acura Integra that picked her up earlier on the evening of her disappearance. They went to a nightclub called "peppers" in Sunrise, Florida and he claimed that he was ready to go and that she stayed behind. But DNA says differently. There was a massive amount of blood found in that black sedan. After finding Kendrick Williams sleeping in his car at the Canarsie pier he was arrested. He was allegedly living in his Nissan Maxima when found. He was charged with 2ND degree murder, and the body has not been found as yet. Lets continue to keep the family in our prayers, and watch who you get into cars with!!!!!!!

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