Thursday, September 27, 2007

District Attorney Reed Walters of Jena Louisiana

Since when has God only answered the prayers of certain people (the white Christians in Jena)? Reed Walters stated that because of Jesus, the March that took place in Jena, Louisiana last Thursday, was peaceful. Jesus answers prayers of everyone. Why does it have to be that blacks need an extra prayer to be civil and peaceful? How racist can a person be? Come on……..…… that case black people in my observation must have a deep prayer of the Lord over them to not tie whites to the back of their pick-up trucks and drag them down the street, or not to form a black terrorist group like the KKK to terrorize whites? What’s your opinion? Why can’t Mr. Racist Reed realize that the marchers for Jena 6 did not want to riot, but March peacefully for justice and equality and a peaceful protest? Does he think that over 20,000 protesters had to come together to make a “NO VIOLENCE VOW”? Why did he have to find idiotic reasoning to paint the picture of blacks being unruly? Are they really? Or does Reed Walters want to start a revolution that will result in a riot to try to enslave blacks again? What do you think? Racism is a touchy subject………. and not from a white or black persons perspective this I will state ‘The comment that was made by Reed Walters was indeed Racist’. Why do blacks need kudos to act as their natural self? Why is Bill Oreilly surprised that black people don’t speak to each other using the term Mother!@#$%^ or that there are black families that live more civil than he does? Are these whites intimidated by black people? They are said to be the stronger race…………….MMMMM….is someone (“hating on a brotha”)? A racial issue; Some whites want to make excuses of why black people are civilized when in fact they need to stop being racist and accept the fact that all people are equal and that we all are products of our environments whether you are white trash, black trash, Asian trash etc…………. Hey guys….racism is over and we as a people need to move on! This is for Reed Walters, Bill Oreilly, and all of the others who think like them………….. Until then Black Power!.....Or is it White power?


What?????? Give me a break!! Do people really do that?????.........Yeah… they do, and truthfully it’s a lot more dangerous than you think. Dating and the internet allow people to mold their lives to what they want it to be, not necessarily what it really is. A quite bookworm can be a wild porn star through the internet! Here’s the scenario, follow me….. The quite librarian who has self esteem issues and has been through a couple of bad relationships can build herself an online dating profile that will display to the world who she wishes to be. Miss Librarian by day, and Mizz Hot Tamale on her MySpace profile. This seems harmless, what’s so wrong with playing the role and not being yourself…I’ll tell you……It can cause a big problem, what happens when that librarian begins dating a young man from the internet. Let’s call him Mr. NiceGuy01. When Mizz Hot Tamale and Mr. NuceGuy01 go out on dates they may feel like they have to continue to be the same person from the net. Now that they have been dating for 6 months, I guess they decide to step it up a notch…..… Time to move in together! Don’t get me wrong Mizz Tamale did mention that she was a librarian, but she left out all the stuff that she thought Mr. NiceGuy wouldn’t like. Why would she do that? What’s going to happen when he finds out who she really is; and what’s so wrong with being Ann? Well, this story gets juicy; right here……Now it here goes…After they move in Mr. NiceGuy01 starts to slowly discover that Miss Hot Tamale is really Ann. No more internet to hide behind, she has no choice but to be herself; and like I said before what’s so wrong with being Ann?
Now that they have already moved in with each other Mizz Hot Tamale realizes that she isn’t the only one with another personality. Mr.NiceGuy01 isn’t as sweet and manly as he said. Those cool MySpace layouts of a rose are the closes he gets to being romantic…And he is an emotional wreck. Now I guess they both have some explaining to do. Why is this such a big deal? Well, it’s a big deal because we have hundreds of millions of people living their life through their computer and are neglecting the good old rule of thumb; be yourself. Now what do think is going to happen when Mr.NiceGuy01 and Mizz Hot Tamale meets the real person inside of each other? What will happen when there is no computer in the bedroom, it’s just real people… I think that the new internet craze will allow people to go into their own private closets and dance with the skeletons. Your own private closet; just you and your computer….

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't get caught with your pants down........

Give me a break! This ridiculous, I saw an article that almost made me grab a grenade! But I had to calm down to write this. Some cities that are trying to crack down on saggy jeans by handing out fines for up to $500 and up to six months jail time. Why would anyone want to lock up people for wearing saggy jeans? What will it profit the good old government to lock people up for ‘saggy’ pants? This will not change anyone’s wardrobe; it will just make people more upset and willing to rebel. No matter how much the government wants to make this look like the right thing to do, there is no point! They aren’t harming anyone. This rule isn’t for everyone, really it’s just a way to stereotype a generation of what they like to call “thugs”. This is a class and a color issue. And where do they think that these people who wear “saggy” jeans will get $500 from? The study did say that ‘saggy’ pants is a sign of not having a job…..Until then, to those that this doesn’t affect stay employed and out of jail and to others…………… don’t get caught with your pants up…..

P.S. On a side note spell saggiN backwards and tell me if this is a coincidence or mere fate. I also feel that this rule has an underlining meaning to it. About 70% of young Black males where saggy jeans.

Patch and Bau

Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it time for the soldiers to come home?

President Bush is supposedly allowing 6,000 troops to come home from Iraq. What is your take? Do you think that the troops are finished doing their job?.......... Or, is it their job? Who will protect us if the troops are back in the US? Mmmm…..But are we safer now with them in Iraq? My reason for asking is because first it’s 6,000 then it’s all of them! I’m scarred as hell! Those Iraqis’ don’t play…Will they retaliate? Is that selfish of me?? How would you feel if someone didn’t like your mother or father and came into your home to kill the head of the household because they didn’t like the way the leader was running his/her home? And after killing the leader take over the home and over turn almost every value and custom the parent had instilled in their children. Take over all assets that attributed to running the home and take it for themselves. That is what President Bush did. He went over there to invade Iraq, kill Saddam Hussein and his family members and nationally televise their dead bodies. And then he took over the lands natural resource… (Drum roll please) Oil!….. Let’s cut to the chase. This is a personal family feud that happened to be between two people who lead their countries. What I would call ‘an old beef’.

President Bush’s heartless deed was to involve countless numbers of troops into his personal feud, which has led up to many people losing their children, husbands wives,mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters,uncles,aunts,friends,cousins, etc. Do you agree? And not to mention what the people of Iraq have gone through and are still going through. Do they even have running water as yet? Are they allowed to lead the regular lives like they used to? In my opinion those troops should have never left to fight President Bush’s personal battle in the first place. President Bush’s term is up and he has started something he can’t finish or can he? Or are we all totally given wrong info where this could all be about something we couldn’t even imagine.


Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hip hop has been using their fans from ever since with this “Hip Hop” controversy. They promote opposition and sometimes violence to make their fans feel obligated to buy their album. What they fail to see is that when the album sales go up and their album is long gone…. The violence is still there. For real, this is ridiculous. The last REAL hip hop beef was between Tupac Shakur (2 PAC) and Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie). During their beef, the executives were watching and then a light bulb went off “Let’s sell Controversy”. Now days a rapper can’t sell a t-shirt without out at least moving one crack rock. What is the world coming too? They should have at least a minimum of three crack rocks sold to be a true "Trapper". No really, the hip hop beef is only real when it is too personal to mention. Real Gangsta’s don’t tell, but Big Boys do cry, so next time you see one of your favorite rappers beefin trust me; it’s probably just to get your pockets boiling. The public believes that you have to speak about the street life to convince them that you’re real. If that was the case half of those rappers would be under indictment…..The real ‘thugs’ are driving in rented vehicles listening to Young Jeezy’s "Dope Boys Go Crazy", laughing all the way to the trap!
P.S. And remember to go cop that Fiddy and Kanye album…………….. Til next time Deuces up…..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Jena Blog

Are nooses the new black? They seem to be the new accessory for the trees on school campuses now a days. To start off the Jena Six is nothing but an example of racism in 2007. And that can be justified by a person of any race as long as they want to be fair! This incident is nothing less than repulsive! Let’s go back to the series of events that led up to this……………………………………….
There was a tree on campus that was reserved for “Whites only” (remember that?)……. in 2007. The black children that make up about 20 percent of the school population were known not to sit under the tree. They knew that there was something obviously wrong with that…so they asked the vice principal if it was okay to sit under the tree and the vice principal told the students that "they can sit wherever they please". So they did exactly that, and the next day there were three nooses hanging from the tree. What do you think happened then???? (Drum roll please). They referred to the nooses as a prank and then three white children were suspended for only 3 days… Fights between blacks and whites broke out at the school, the central wing of the school had been set on fire, A group of white kids beat up a black kid who went to an all white party, a white man reportedly pulled out a shotgun on three black kids around town, and then the grand finale……………… 6 black boys jumped a white boy and when he fell to the ground they hit him unconscious. A suggested 22 years in prison for a simple school yard brawl was said to be the penalty. While the white boy that beat up the black boy at the all white party was charged with battery, and get this….The white man who pulled out the shot gun on the three black kids was not charged with any crime at all. Give me a break! How can you be charged for “attempted murder” when the victim had no life threatening injuries? And he was released from the hospital by the end of the night and said to be smiling with friends. Back at my high school a fight would have deserved a 10 day suspension. And by the way a tennis shoe has never been considered a weapon while being worn before, but only a necessity to cover ones foot from injury. Now that’s a way to punish six children for such an act. Who upholds that????? I know….only the hicks that happened to be teachers, school officials, residents of Jena, police officers, jurors and judges that have been appointed to mentor, punish, and educate the people of Jena. Are you letting the media brainwash you that a school house brawl can be considered second degree attempted murder? Why didn’t the school investigate the noose incident? Or was that a prank?????????????????? And for arguments sake we will not go into the noose that was recently found on a tree at a Maryland University. I am laughing right now, but not at the noose I am laughing at the small minded people who think that this matter is Justice served. How would you feel if it was okay to call all white people “the devil?”. Well…. I guess its white power until then.

Patch & Bau

I’ll Pay For It….Or will I?

I’ll Pay For It….Or will I?

My guy pal shared a story with me that I had to share with you all. Well, he met a girl through a mutual friend and they slowly hit it off, although they were miles away...Soon he began receiving sexual pics .Mmmmm… So what is a guy to think? Their conversations often drifted into relationship talk and sexy late night convo. Nothing X- rated but for sure nothing “mama” would approve of. He decides to visit her for a long weekend. This female interest by the way is 10 years older than Mr. Lover Man……The three day weekend was nothing like they expected. She was the sweetest, most gentle woman with a touch of class, she even cooked for him. He on other hand wasn’t his usual flashy sports agent “shark”, he was calm and cool. The vibe just wasn’t there. I guess he was getting “the friend treatment”. Was he wrong for expecting more than grandma’s biscuits?? She was so ungrateful she didn’t even wink at the bouquet of roses he gave her. He even tried to put the “Mack daddy” on her and she didn’t budge. Was he lost or did she flip the script? Weeks went on after he came home and the relationship never grew past those good-ass biscuits. She was a divorced woman with a ruff past, why couldn’t she see that he was a good guy? Well get this, a friend told a friend, who told a friend that he wasn’t the man she saw in the pictures. … He wasn’t “Ballin”, “Poppin Tags”, etc. He didn’t show her the money!!! Many women will never meet a good guy because their eyes are only on the dollar while their hearts are waiting for love. What do you think?

Patch & Bau

Tila Tequila:
Porn Stars Reality TV Show Man VS. Woman

What is the world coming to? The battle of the sexes Man VS. Woman for Tila Tequila’s courtship. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!..... So very intriguing…..or not! Since when can a man and a woman compete for a place in a woman’s heart or in this case a woman’s bed?? Who does that? The one and only MySpace celebrity porn star Tila Tequila! (Applause)…….and you wonder why our younger generations are confused about who they are and what they want. You should thank television networks like MTV. “The station where kids and teens find themselves in 2007”. Should we think of Tila as twisted and morally unstable in her personal life or blame MTV for airing something so personal and immoral. Food for thought….. Is bestiality ok too? Would they air a story of my cousin who is having a sexual relationship with her horse in a small town in Texas??? I hear a dog is a man’s best friend and now a day's a women’s also. Beware of the lonely nights with your pooch you don’t want to take it too far! How can a man and a woman compete for a date with a woman? It is either one or the other there is no comparison. Let’s stop confusing our younger generations.

Bau &Patch