Thursday, September 27, 2007

District Attorney Reed Walters of Jena Louisiana

Since when has God only answered the prayers of certain people (the white Christians in Jena)? Reed Walters stated that because of Jesus, the March that took place in Jena, Louisiana last Thursday, was peaceful. Jesus answers prayers of everyone. Why does it have to be that blacks need an extra prayer to be civil and peaceful? How racist can a person be? Come on……..…… that case black people in my observation must have a deep prayer of the Lord over them to not tie whites to the back of their pick-up trucks and drag them down the street, or not to form a black terrorist group like the KKK to terrorize whites? What’s your opinion? Why can’t Mr. Racist Reed realize that the marchers for Jena 6 did not want to riot, but March peacefully for justice and equality and a peaceful protest? Does he think that over 20,000 protesters had to come together to make a “NO VIOLENCE VOW”? Why did he have to find idiotic reasoning to paint the picture of blacks being unruly? Are they really? Or does Reed Walters want to start a revolution that will result in a riot to try to enslave blacks again? What do you think? Racism is a touchy subject………. and not from a white or black persons perspective this I will state ‘The comment that was made by Reed Walters was indeed Racist’. Why do blacks need kudos to act as their natural self? Why is Bill Oreilly surprised that black people don’t speak to each other using the term Mother!@#$%^ or that there are black families that live more civil than he does? Are these whites intimidated by black people? They are said to be the stronger race…………….MMMMM….is someone (“hating on a brotha”)? A racial issue; Some whites want to make excuses of why black people are civilized when in fact they need to stop being racist and accept the fact that all people are equal and that we all are products of our environments whether you are white trash, black trash, Asian trash etc…………. Hey guys….racism is over and we as a people need to move on! This is for Reed Walters, Bill Oreilly, and all of the others who think like them………….. Until then Black Power!.....Or is it White power?

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