Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Jena Blog

Are nooses the new black? They seem to be the new accessory for the trees on school campuses now a days. To start off the Jena Six is nothing but an example of racism in 2007. And that can be justified by a person of any race as long as they want to be fair! This incident is nothing less than repulsive! Let’s go back to the series of events that led up to this……………………………………….
There was a tree on campus that was reserved for “Whites only” (remember that?)……. in 2007. The black children that make up about 20 percent of the school population were known not to sit under the tree. They knew that there was something obviously wrong with that…so they asked the vice principal if it was okay to sit under the tree and the vice principal told the students that "they can sit wherever they please". So they did exactly that, and the next day there were three nooses hanging from the tree. What do you think happened then???? (Drum roll please). They referred to the nooses as a prank and then three white children were suspended for only 3 days… Fights between blacks and whites broke out at the school, the central wing of the school had been set on fire, A group of white kids beat up a black kid who went to an all white party, a white man reportedly pulled out a shotgun on three black kids around town, and then the grand finale……………… 6 black boys jumped a white boy and when he fell to the ground they hit him unconscious. A suggested 22 years in prison for a simple school yard brawl was said to be the penalty. While the white boy that beat up the black boy at the all white party was charged with battery, and get this….The white man who pulled out the shot gun on the three black kids was not charged with any crime at all. Give me a break! How can you be charged for “attempted murder” when the victim had no life threatening injuries? And he was released from the hospital by the end of the night and said to be smiling with friends. Back at my high school a fight would have deserved a 10 day suspension. And by the way a tennis shoe has never been considered a weapon while being worn before, but only a necessity to cover ones foot from injury. Now that’s a way to punish six children for such an act. Who upholds that????? I know….only the hicks that happened to be teachers, school officials, residents of Jena, police officers, jurors and judges that have been appointed to mentor, punish, and educate the people of Jena. Are you letting the media brainwash you that a school house brawl can be considered second degree attempted murder? Why didn’t the school investigate the noose incident? Or was that a prank?????????????????? And for arguments sake we will not go into the noose that was recently found on a tree at a Maryland University. I am laughing right now, but not at the noose I am laughing at the small minded people who think that this matter is Justice served. How would you feel if it was okay to call all white people “the devil?”. Well…. I guess its white power until then.

Patch & Bau

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Anonymous said...

This is an out right shame. We need equality in 2007. Thank you fall deuces for talking on this matter.