Saturday, September 15, 2007


Hip hop has been using their fans from ever since with this “Hip Hop” controversy. They promote opposition and sometimes violence to make their fans feel obligated to buy their album. What they fail to see is that when the album sales go up and their album is long gone…. The violence is still there. For real, this is ridiculous. The last REAL hip hop beef was between Tupac Shakur (2 PAC) and Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie). During their beef, the executives were watching and then a light bulb went off “Let’s sell Controversy”. Now days a rapper can’t sell a t-shirt without out at least moving one crack rock. What is the world coming too? They should have at least a minimum of three crack rocks sold to be a true "Trapper". No really, the hip hop beef is only real when it is too personal to mention. Real Gangsta’s don’t tell, but Big Boys do cry, so next time you see one of your favorite rappers beefin trust me; it’s probably just to get your pockets boiling. The public believes that you have to speak about the street life to convince them that you’re real. If that was the case half of those rappers would be under indictment…..The real ‘thugs’ are driving in rented vehicles listening to Young Jeezy’s "Dope Boys Go Crazy", laughing all the way to the trap!
P.S. And remember to go cop that Fiddy and Kanye album…………….. Til next time Deuces up…..

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that can be argued!! Bu you have an edgey honest opinion.