Thursday, September 27, 2007


What?????? Give me a break!! Do people really do that?????.........Yeah… they do, and truthfully it’s a lot more dangerous than you think. Dating and the internet allow people to mold their lives to what they want it to be, not necessarily what it really is. A quite bookworm can be a wild porn star through the internet! Here’s the scenario, follow me….. The quite librarian who has self esteem issues and has been through a couple of bad relationships can build herself an online dating profile that will display to the world who she wishes to be. Miss Librarian by day, and Mizz Hot Tamale on her MySpace profile. This seems harmless, what’s so wrong with playing the role and not being yourself…I’ll tell you……It can cause a big problem, what happens when that librarian begins dating a young man from the internet. Let’s call him Mr. NiceGuy01. When Mizz Hot Tamale and Mr. NuceGuy01 go out on dates they may feel like they have to continue to be the same person from the net. Now that they have been dating for 6 months, I guess they decide to step it up a notch…..… Time to move in together! Don’t get me wrong Mizz Tamale did mention that she was a librarian, but she left out all the stuff that she thought Mr. NiceGuy wouldn’t like. Why would she do that? What’s going to happen when he finds out who she really is; and what’s so wrong with being Ann? Well, this story gets juicy; right here……Now it here goes…After they move in Mr. NiceGuy01 starts to slowly discover that Miss Hot Tamale is really Ann. No more internet to hide behind, she has no choice but to be herself; and like I said before what’s so wrong with being Ann?
Now that they have already moved in with each other Mizz Hot Tamale realizes that she isn’t the only one with another personality. Mr.NiceGuy01 isn’t as sweet and manly as he said. Those cool MySpace layouts of a rose are the closes he gets to being romantic…And he is an emotional wreck. Now I guess they both have some explaining to do. Why is this such a big deal? Well, it’s a big deal because we have hundreds of millions of people living their life through their computer and are neglecting the good old rule of thumb; be yourself. Now what do think is going to happen when Mr.NiceGuy01 and Mizz Hot Tamale meets the real person inside of each other? What will happen when there is no computer in the bedroom, it’s just real people… I think that the new internet craze will allow people to go into their own private closets and dance with the skeletons. Your own private closet; just you and your computer….

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