Friday, September 14, 2007

I’ll Pay For It….Or will I?

I’ll Pay For It….Or will I?

My guy pal shared a story with me that I had to share with you all. Well, he met a girl through a mutual friend and they slowly hit it off, although they were miles away...Soon he began receiving sexual pics .Mmmmm… So what is a guy to think? Their conversations often drifted into relationship talk and sexy late night convo. Nothing X- rated but for sure nothing “mama” would approve of. He decides to visit her for a long weekend. This female interest by the way is 10 years older than Mr. Lover Man……The three day weekend was nothing like they expected. She was the sweetest, most gentle woman with a touch of class, she even cooked for him. He on other hand wasn’t his usual flashy sports agent “shark”, he was calm and cool. The vibe just wasn’t there. I guess he was getting “the friend treatment”. Was he wrong for expecting more than grandma’s biscuits?? She was so ungrateful she didn’t even wink at the bouquet of roses he gave her. He even tried to put the “Mack daddy” on her and she didn’t budge. Was he lost or did she flip the script? Weeks went on after he came home and the relationship never grew past those good-ass biscuits. She was a divorced woman with a ruff past, why couldn’t she see that he was a good guy? Well get this, a friend told a friend, who told a friend that he wasn’t the man she saw in the pictures. … He wasn’t “Ballin”, “Poppin Tags”, etc. He didn’t show her the money!!! Many women will never meet a good guy because their eyes are only on the dollar while their hearts are waiting for love. What do you think?

Patch & Bau

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