Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Don't get caught with your pants down........

Give me a break! This ridiculous, I saw an article that almost made me grab a grenade! But I had to calm down to write this. Some cities that are trying to crack down on saggy jeans by handing out fines for up to $500 and up to six months jail time. Why would anyone want to lock up people for wearing saggy jeans? What will it profit the good old government to lock people up for ‘saggy’ pants? This will not change anyone’s wardrobe; it will just make people more upset and willing to rebel. No matter how much the government wants to make this look like the right thing to do, there is no point! They aren’t harming anyone. This rule isn’t for everyone, really it’s just a way to stereotype a generation of what they like to call “thugs”. This is a class and a color issue. And where do they think that these people who wear “saggy” jeans will get $500 from? The study did say that ‘saggy’ pants is a sign of not having a job…..Until then, to those that this doesn’t affect stay employed and out of jail and to others…………… don’t get caught with your pants up…..

P.S. On a side note spell saggiN backwards and tell me if this is a coincidence or mere fate. I also feel that this rule has an underlining meaning to it. About 70% of young Black males where saggy jeans.

Patch and Bau


Anonymous said...

you are exactly right. NO ONE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP FOR FASHION. The fools who are pushing this dumb agenda should be fined and locked up for LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. DUMB PEOPLE OFFEND THE HECK OUT OF ME.

Anonymous said...

if this stupid sagging law passes, they're going to start fining people for too many tatoos and ear rings next.

Anonymous said...

what are they going to do about girls who wash cars in bikinis, bikinis with all cheeks out, topless car washes???

Anonymous said...

Any politician who pushes for anti-sagging laws which violate the constitutional rights of citizens has NO BUSINESS making decisions about other people's lives and should be voted out of office.