Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it time for the soldiers to come home?

President Bush is supposedly allowing 6,000 troops to come home from Iraq. What is your take? Do you think that the troops are finished doing their job?.......... Or, is it their job? Who will protect us if the troops are back in the US? Mmmm…..But are we safer now with them in Iraq? My reason for asking is because first it’s 6,000 then it’s all of them! I’m scarred as hell! Those Iraqis’ don’t play…Will they retaliate? Is that selfish of me?? How would you feel if someone didn’t like your mother or father and came into your home to kill the head of the household because they didn’t like the way the leader was running his/her home? And after killing the leader take over the home and over turn almost every value and custom the parent had instilled in their children. Take over all assets that attributed to running the home and take it for themselves. That is what President Bush did. He went over there to invade Iraq, kill Saddam Hussein and his family members and nationally televise their dead bodies. And then he took over the lands natural resource… (Drum roll please) Oil!….. Let’s cut to the chase. This is a personal family feud that happened to be between two people who lead their countries. What I would call ‘an old beef’.

President Bush’s heartless deed was to involve countless numbers of troops into his personal feud, which has led up to many people losing their children, husbands wives,mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters,uncles,aunts,friends,cousins, etc. Do you agree? And not to mention what the people of Iraq have gone through and are still going through. Do they even have running water as yet? Are they allowed to lead the regular lives like they used to? In my opinion those troops should have never left to fight President Bush’s personal battle in the first place. President Bush’s term is up and he has started something he can’t finish or can he? Or are we all totally given wrong info where this could all be about something we couldn’t even imagine.


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