Sunday, January 13, 2008

Real ID Act 2 (No jokes... On a serious note)

Like we told you before they are trying to pass the law for the Read ID Act. Watch this youtube and tell us what you feel! No Real ID! Could this be what Revelation 3:17 is talking about? Is prophecy that we have been hearing about along finally unfolding? Lets put the blogs about who did what and what celeb is doing what to rest for a minute and read this.................. It is more Important than you may think. Bush has passed the law for the Real ID Act back in My 2005 and it is to take place 3 years later (May 2008).I know you have heard of the 666 and all of the other stories, but do your own homework. This is it. It is not too soon. Do your Homework and use the good old book (the Bible) as your reference. Don't be fooled they make the mark sound so good! Check it out. I dont want any government controlling my move! Say no to the real ID act!

This is a blog that FallDeuces Posted on Oct 1,2007.

How would you feel if every move you made could be traced? Would you think that was an invasion of privacy? How would you feel if everything you have ever worked towards was held at the mercy of the government? Well its going down……… And President George W. Bush is the man that is expected to sign off on an $82 billion military spending bill that will make this all possible for you grateful Americans. Yes, the one and only George Bush whose name equals 666 in Hebrew letters. Make you think????? Watch this you tube video and tell FallDeuces what you think. You be the judge……..! Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sellanything! You will be No one! And on the contrary with this mark you will NOT be able to enter the gates of Heaven according to the Bible. Hey.., haven’t the Christians been preaching about this all along??????????? Do your homework!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the link?

I am movie out of America anyway.

As soon as I get the money.

I already know we are in way more hard times to come.

I suggest you leave too.