Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Are we Americans to absorb with other people’s lives? Where else in the world is a society driven by what 150 people do?? Did you realize that there are about 150 popular celebrities in America? What about the rest of us? Are we not special? I think that Britney is cool but I know that someone is going through the same thing in some trailer park in Kentucky; but no one will look her way. What makes these celebrities lives so attractive? It’s not because they have phenomenal beauty, I have family that looks just as good as Jennifer Aniston (maybe). I think it’s that we are too afraid to be ourselves so we watch what others do, while we should be doing us!’

That makes more sense right? We can tap into the inner star in us instead of worrying about Kim Kardashian's ass or if she is a hoe or not . Come on, how many hoes do you know? So why do we even care????? And truthfully we can’t even prove she’s a hoe but some of you reading this blog has some frequent flyer miles adding up on your ‘you know what’. So let’s see the good in others and shine the light on things we need to change. But really did you see Beyonce’s new hair color? I think it’s the new brown!!

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