Friday, October 26, 2007

Now why they wanna go and do that?

Karrine Steffans…….. Or Super Head…………. Whichever you like. Because whether she likes to admit it or not she answers to both. The world is goin down the drain! In 2007 we have a modern day prostitute on the cover of a magazine “Today’s Black Woman”. Does she represent black young women? Is that how all black young women live? Do they all sleep with married men and sell their goods? I do believe in 2nd chances, but she just hasn’t tried anything different the second time around. Is she really the face of Today’s Black women around the world?????.... I hope Not! Here we go again…. Giving N!%$*&$ A bad name. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why would they want to make the world feel like she is what all black women are like in this day and age? The Editors of “Today’s Black Woman” really messed up this time. The magazine cover gets 4 trillion deuces down and it is definitely a dishonor.

Bau and Patch

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