Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drug Lordette

Why not! A female drug lord? Yep..., you heard right, a female drug lord. Sandra Avila Beltran, 45, worked her way to becoming a female drug lord. In a male dominated field, Sandra was the one holding the balls. She is being charged with laundering billions of dollars. She is one of the world’s most powerful drug kings pins. What do you think about that??? Of course she was very seductive but most importantly she was smart...She never left any evidence behind any of her crimes until 2002, when a mothers love kicked in. Her son was kidnapped in Mexico for $5,000,000 so she contacted authorities for help. She got her son back but that helped launch an investigation. The police always suspected Sandra but not until then did she crack a window. Well, now she is awaiting trial… Women can’t last long in the ‘buzz’, the emotional stuff like, love and family get in the way. I wonder............ did she get really catty at those godfather meetings when her period was on???????

Patch and Bau

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