Monday, November 19, 2007

Living the life......Or not

A lot of people think when a person marries a rapper, celeb etc. and inherits the benefits of "the life" that it is better than "living normal", for example being able to drive the Range Rovers, and Bentley's.......... Shopping on 5th ave, or at Bal Harbour shops, and hanging with the "rappers/celebs wives club". But that is not always the case....... Some people prefer to have love over material things (who does that?)........ But that is how some people feel e.g. Irv Gotti's wife. He is about his cash and that's that....... He is living the life of fast cars, hoes, and money. And it seems that he doesn't have the urge to do the family thing. His wife seems so hurt over their split and how their relationship is now...and she also seems like a cool chick. Honey, you deserve more.

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