Sunday, November 4, 2007

Get A Real Man!

Tell the Truth!

Is there really a shortage of men??? A recent news story made me wonder. ‘Kelsey Peterson, 25, and Rodriguez were taken into custody without incident after the boy's relatives told police he had called home asking for money, leading investigators to a shopping mall in the border city of Mexicali on Friday. Peterson, a sixth-grade math teacher and basketball coach at Lexington Middle School, fled with the boy after police began investigating whether the pair had an intimate relationship, authorities said.(

Well, let’s begin with asking ourselves, WHY!!!!!!!. Ok, now that I gotten that out, we can continue. This story in particular is terrible because she is a 25 year old woman. I think that she could have found a man anywhere, and if all else fails she could always meet someone on myspace…:) There have been many cases of women sex offenders. We have to look into this as a big problem when young teenage boys have a sexual and emotional relationships with adult women, this is wrong. Although society may say ‘boys will be boys’, we need to let them really be boys and not pressure them into becomeing men to quickly. These women cause these boys to engage in adult relationships. The women like the young and innocent love that young boy may be offering and the young boy likes the manly feelings and attention the women give to him. This is not cool……Really….. Ladies find a man in the club or something not in the mall food court on a Saturday.

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