Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mothers on that Bullish!

Oct. 30: a 22-year-old mother leaves her 17-month-old son, Ryan, in a hot car outside a north Phoenix restaurant for seven hours. The mother had gone to work and forgot to first take the tot to daycare. He dies.

July 30:( Remember this one?) Tonight, breaking news out of Charleston, South Carolina, the suburbs, a 27-year-old mother of two, dressed in hospital scrubs and handcuffs, escorted from the hospital straight to jail. Why? Police say 1-year-old Triniti, 4-year-old Shawn died a painful death when left trapped in soaring temperatures in mom’s car. Accident? Hold on! After mom makes a solo run to Arby`s for her own dinner, police find the children in garbage bags, dead under the kitchen sink. Hope you enjoyed that roast beef sandwich, Mom, because it’s jail food tonight!

June 28: A 30-year-old father leaves his 3-month-old daughter, Amberlee, in a hot car outside the family home in Chandler for nearly two hours. The father had taken the baby with him to run errands and once home forgot about her. She dies.

And on and on and on…………. You don’t think that the parents that go to work should realize that when they take a break to go and urinate or eat that their kids in the car may want a piece of that sandwich? Or may need to go potty? This is bullish! And these people need to learn that a car is not a form of daycare………..Who does this type of SH—T? Tighten up parents……… And for those who didn’t hear about this old bit of tee……. Here it goes while we are on the subject of taking your kids to work. “Albany NY. Wendy Nolton-Cooke arrested in Schenectedy, had taken children in car to perform oral sex for customers, and was reportedly doing lines of coke off her 2 month old son whilst breast feeding.” And her response to the judge was “It is better that I took him with me, instead of leaving him alone”…………. Right that’s a responsible way to think…………………..

Between 30 and 40 children a year die in hot cars, according to Janette Fennell, founder of Kids and Cars, which tracks such tragedies....

When these women are 'locked up', I wonder how they will feel...

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