Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She called her Buckwheat.......

Carla Dartez a Democrat who serves in the Louisiana legislature called a black supporter "Buckwheat" just days before the runoff election that will determine whether or not she returns to Baton Rouge. She was on the phone with a black woman who helped drive voters to the polls on Election Day. And before hanging up she said "Talk to you later Buckwheat". (Buckwheat was a character in The Little Rascals who has come to symbolize demeaning racial stereotypes.) Whats that about? Louisiana is definitely a place where they are not afraid to speak their mind............. What message are they sending to the rest of the world? That it is okay to throw around racial slurs? And not be sensitive to the struggle that blacks have gone through? And what if the black woman on the phone responded "O.K. white trash...Holla" ??????????????

Tell us what you think...................

Pautch and Bau

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