Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's talk about Kelz

R. Kelly walks into the Cook County Criminal Courts Building in Chicago on Thursday morning. He was threatened with arrest after missing his court date yesterday. (Tribune photo by Chuck Berman / December 20, 2007)
Mr. Robert Kelly A.K.A. R. Kelly has been dodging the judge. His tour bus was allegedly pulled over by Utah State Troopers for speeding. That is what caused him from not attending Wednesdays hearing in Chicago. He is really going around this one. He better not be guilty!!!!... I saw the sex tape and it looks like him. The way I see it a child pornographer is a child pornographer and I am fully against violating the kids! Yo.... Kelz if you have a problem and can't restrain yourself from touching the kids.....Get help. Its not funny and it's not right. I don't give a damn how many hits you have made.


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