Monday, December 17, 2007

Ladies in Free ALLNIGHT!!!!

For real, I know that the spirit of Jealously can hit anyone but really...'Don't be hatin on the hunnies'.
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Roy Den Hollander has sued clubs including Lotus and the China Club in NYC, saying he was discriminated against by ladies' nights, which offer women free or discounted admission and drinks.

Deborah Swindells Donovan, a lawyer for Lotus, called the lawsuit frivolous in papers filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

She wrote that if his "ill-conceived theory is applied to restaurants, then 'early bird' specials for the elderly or promotions allowing children to eat free would be discriminatory on the basis of age."

Vanessa R. Elliott, a lawyer representing the club AER Lounge, said in court papers Friday that nightclubs recognize that men might not want to visit the clubs if they fail to attract enough women.

"Under this theory, male customers may actually benefit from ladies' nights in other ways and be encouraged to attend the club on those nights," she wrote.(

This is crazy!!

For the men that are suing or getting ready to call one of those 'ambulance chasers' don't waste your time!!

Get a life, and remember if you do love the ladies you should be glad that you don't have to pay for them to get in! Or better yet, you didn't have to buy them a 'drank'....But for those that don't really think that the girl in free thing is cool, then go to another club..( maybe the Cuma Cuma Cuma Chameleon)

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