Friday, April 25, 2008

Officers in Bell case found Not Guilty!!!!!!!

Another Day, another injustice for a black man!
I hear that it is hard for a black man in America!

Now, these police officers are in a strip club undercover.... For what reason? While Sean Bell, and friends are out celebrating at his bachelor party. The cops got a tip that there were some guys in the area with a gun. So they assumed that it was Sean Bell and his friends. After Sean Bell and company left the club, the unidentified police officers followed them out and began to exchange words without identifying themselves as cops. It turned into an argument and escalated into Sean Bell trying to drive away in his car. They say he was trying to run over the unidentified cop, and what’s wrong with that? If a person is following you and arguing with you; wouldn't you try to just "walk away"? Now.... The cop still doesn't identify himself. The cops all of a sudden feels like their life is in danger and shoots up Sean Bell's car 50 times. And that is how they identified themselves...... After reloading a couple of times, and taking this man’s life! Shouldn't he have Identified himself at least once, or any of the other cops for that matter? That is unadulterated FUCKERY! And now the cops were found NOT GUILTY. It always seems like the downfall of a black man and his family is always justice being served. That have never happens to a white men. Its always another Black Man lost to violence due to the color of his skin. I see why a lot of black men ride to that "Souljah Life Mentality".

R.I.P. Souljah Slim

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Anonymous said...

sean bell should learn not to walk out of clubs talking about getting a gun, then driving his car at cops.